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Wondering if you require Category 5 or Category 6 cables for your home network?

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Closed-Circuit Television

 CCTV is a television system in which signals are closed off to the public.

This type of system is primarily used for surveillance and security purposes.

Cameras can be hidden, or installed in plain view.

Observation of the camera’s input is then displayed on monitors elsewhere, by authorized viewers.

Single Mode vs. Multi Mode Fibre

To help make your decision easier. Ask yourself, “How much fibre distance do I need?”


Single Mode is more commonly used for Carrier Networks, Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs), and Passive Optical Networks (PONs)

Multi Mode is frequently used in Data Centers, Enterprises, and Local Area Networks (LANs)


Metropolitan Area Networkscover a large geographical area ranging from 5-50km

Wide Area Networks provides coverage far greater than a MAN is capable of providing

Local Area Networks cover a much smaller area than a MAN, and of course smaller than a WAN as well


Take this into account, and let us take care of the rest!


Whether you’re looking to add security to your home, business, acreage, or livestock – we’ve got the answer for you!

We all want safety and peace of mind when it comes to our loved ones, and our belongings.

It’s easy enough to install security & surveillance cameras where power is readily available, but we can also install a solar panel off-grid, in order to install a camera to a remote location.


Southern Alberta’s leading provider of PV Solar solutions for Agribusiness and Waterboy Solar are pleased to announce we are now working together to bring solar powered pumping products to Southern Alberta.

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