The Alberta Municipal Solar Program is a funding initiative for municipalities within the province of Alberta, looking to complete projects for community-related organizations, such as non-profits. Adhering to the funding requirements listed below, municipalities will be eligible to participate as long as the solar system is located on a municipally owned facility, or municipally owned land.


Funding Requirements:

-In order to be eligible to qualify for funding options, each Solar PV System project must by wholly owned for it’s entire lifespan, and located on a facility or parcel of land by the participating municipality.

-The solar system must be new, and greater than or equal to 2 Kilowatts (KW DC PV array capacity.) It must be grid-connected, and compliant with the Government Of Alberta’s Micro-Generation Regulation.

-Solar System must be designed & installed by a qualified installer who is a member of either Solar Alberta or the Canadian Renewable Energy Association.

The municipality can stack funding incentives with the Alberta Municipal Solar Program, as long as all funding does not exceed the total costs of the solar installation.

Why Participate?

Installing a PV Solar System will help to create jobs, thus helping to support the local economy.

It will generate free power, utilizing the energy from the sun for the entirety of the 25+ lifespan of the solar system.

This investment will reduce the amount on utility bills, allowing the savings to be reinvested in other priorities across the municipality.


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