Solar Modules

The two main types of modules we use are 60 cell and 72 cell units. Each module is tested with the Canadian climate in mind. They have a Hail Safety Impact Velocity of 25mm @ 23m/s and can hold a Static Load of Wind/Snow @ 4000Pa/5400Pa. Their operating temperature range is between -40c to 85c and have an efficiency rating of at least 97% of STC.

Module orientation is also something that is important to the installation team. Installing modules in portrait is more time consuming than installing them in landscape on large ground mount systems. Keep this in mind if you have a deadline or need a lower cost for your project, that landscape orientation may be the best option for your site.

The 60 Cell module: 1670x1000x32mm - 18.5kg

The 72 Cell module: - 1972x992x40mm - 23kg

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