What Is A Solar Audit?

A solar audit is used to determine whether a PV solar system is right for you. The truth is, not everyone can go solar. Available space, the pitch and direction of your roof(s), and obstructions can all play a part.

At Solar Optix, we start by asking you to send us a copy of your electrical bill so we can determine your annual usage and the possible size of system that will get you to net zero. We’ll then provide you with a preliminary design + budget.

If it interests you and you’d like to proceed, we’ll book an appointment to come to your house or place of business and spend 30 minutes to an hour to complete the audit. This includes pictures, measuring your roof and obstructions (vents, chimneys, etc.) and addressing any issues related to the age of your roof and possible shading. We’ll also ensure if your panel is adequate to sustain a solar array.

Once we have everything we need, we’ll then create a design package with a proposed layout & production simulation, product spec sheets & a purchase quote. If you then proceed with a purchase, Solar Optix will take care of the rest for you.

Questions to consider for a rooftop system:

Are you the owner of the home or business?

We can’t install a system on a tenant’s rental property but you can certainly see if the owner is interested.

Is your roof in need of replacing?

If so, we recommend you address it before having a solar system installed.

Do you have sufficient roof space available and which direction(s) does it face?

Although the ideal direction is south, east and west surfaces also do very well.

Will you need a structural engineer's report on your roof?

In the City of Lethbridge, residents will no longer be required to obtain a structural engineer's report to install solar if:
- the array is at least 300mm down from the peak
- the array is mounted flush with the slope of the roof
- the array is attached with a pre-engineered racking system

Do you have available breakers on your panel?

Residential systems require between 2-4 open breakers on a standard 100AMP panel. If your electrical panel is full, an additional sub panel can be installed. We can provide this service for you as we have licensed electricians available.

Is your rooftop impacted by shading from surrounding trees?

Ideal systems should be free from shading. If it's substantial, are you willing to have your trees trimmed or removed?

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